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Hanging by a Thread • Betrayal

P. C. Weber

cover image to Betrayal by P. C. Weber


Betrayal is the second novel in P. C. Weber’s Hanging by a Thread series. This four-book saga tells the story of Thomas Morgan, a brilliant but deeply tormented young scientist who sets out to discover a new cure for tuberculosis and ends up on an unforgettable journey in life. It is the hope of LGC Publishing that this sweeping tale of love, loss, sacrifice, and redemption will not only prove immensely entertaining to readers who live within the developed world, but also serve to draw attention to the global epidemic of TB that rages on beyond their borders. To this end, all proceeds from the sale of Betrayal are being donated to the Stop TB Partnership.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 25, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9826517-1-1

PAGES: 270

Back Cover

"If we don't do this … then who will?"

A lost recording of a mysterious interview which surfaces in a faraway land … random recollections of events from the distant past that are recounted with nearly unfathomable precision. Through these two distinct yet intimately interwoven narratives, Betrayal immerses the reader into the extraordinary world of Thomas Morgan.

P. C. Weber’s second book in the Hanging by a Thread series opens with Thomas conducting research within the laboratory of an esteemed but highly duplicitous university professor while secretly pursuing a career as a heavy metal musician. After masterminding a remarkable scientific breakthrough that could revolutionize his field of study, he must then endure a series of devastating personal setbacks, the last of which will serve to change his life forever.

Hanging by a Thread: Betrayal continues the epic tale of one man’s search for meaning and redemption in a life filled with unspeakable tragedy. Journey with Thomas Morgan as he sets out to find a cure for one of humanity’s greatest scourges, driven by a legacy that is still to be written, yet haunted all the while by the searing memory of a love that refuses to die.

About the Author

P. C. ("Pete") Weber was born in Detroit and has spent nearly all of his life in southeastern Michigan. A molecular microbiologist by profession, he has conducted research on various infectious disease agents for over twenty-five years, holding positions as a medical school professor and a drug discovery program director in the pharmaceutical industry during that time. In 2010, he founded LGC Publishing with the goal of drawing public attention to the global epidemic of tuberculosis (TB), one of the greatest unmet medical needs in the world today. He has since authored the first two novels in his four-book Hanging by a Thread series, The Gift (2010) and Betrayal (2014). In addition, he has edited and written the supporting content for two compilations of newly rediscovered early works by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Dust on a Butterfly’s Wings (2012) and The Princeton Collection (2012). P. C. Weber and LGC Publishing are donating the sales proceeds from each of these titles to the Stop TB Partnership to help in the fight against tuberculosis.


The first seven pages of Betrayal (Hanging by a Thread – Book Two) are presented in this preview.

AS THE DIALOGUE in the recording continued, the woman in the shack sifted through the items from her bundle, taking care not to disturb the infant that lay sleeping next to her. She worked her fingers quietly through the pile until she located the large chunk of stale bread that she had found earlier that morning. After picking away the maggots that still clung to its surface, she began to nibble away at the stiff, tasteless crust, listening intently all the while to the voices in the interview… See more

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Help Fight Global TB

P. C. Weber and LGC Publishing donate all profits from the sale of this book to the Stop TB Partnership, which helps provide tuberculosis patients with treatment that can cure their disease for just 50¢ a day. To learn more about the global epidemic of TB that claims the lives of 1.5 million people worldwide every year, click on the image below.

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